John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler

I’ve always struggled with knotty and brittle hair. I’m pretty sure that every hair dresser I’ve visited has commented on it, so for me a good detangler is a staple in my hair care routine.

Recently I’ve been using the John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler and so far (about a week) I’m a big fan. Using a small amount of this light-weight detangler on wet hair allows me to run a comb through with ease and doesn’t leave my hair sticky or clumpy like some heavier products. It’s also reduced the amount of hair I’m pulling out when it’s wet as I’m not having to yank a brush through it.

I’ve been using it as a leave-in conditioner, which sometimes doesn’t end well for those with thin(ish) hair like mine, but it doesn’t weigh me down at all and both blow dries and straightens really well, leaving me with shiny, soft hair plus a small (but welcome) volume boost. Being able to get a fine comb through my hair whilst it’s wet also helps it dry straighter and has allowed me to give the GHDs a rest and rock natural, silky hair more often (thanks, soy proteins!)

The JMO detangler is also packed with essential grapefruit, lemon and neroli (orange-ish) oils that give it a subtle citrusy scent that stays with you for a little while but isn’t overpowering. Seems like the oils are mainly there for smell, however, if you suffer with a dry scalp then a little extra natural oil is never a bad thing.  

I’ve used up this 60ml travel size bottle but loved it so much I’ve just bought the 236ml bottle from


You can use this detangler in a couple of different ways; apply to clean, wet hair and leave in for 1-3 mins then you can either rinse as you would a conditioner or leave-in and dry/style your hair as normal.

If you’re going with the leave-in option then I’d apply slightly less than if you were to rinse, I found that leaving too much in can make it look a tad greasy once your hair is dry – though this is standard for most leave-in conditioners.

Around £17 for 236ml (Buy here)



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