Ecosoapia Lavender Hand & Body Wash

I’m a couple of days away from the end of this bottle of Lavender Castile Hand & Body wash from Ecosoapia so it feels like a good time to jot my thoughts down.

First things first, how beautiful is the Ecosoapia branding? I’m a sucker for a well designed label or logo and I was searching for a new body wash for a while before I saw the Ecosoapia designs and was immediately sold. (There’s actually a story behind the branding which you can read here).

Once I’d decided on the brand my next challenge was picking between the three delicious sounding scents on offer; Lavender, Rose Geranium and Sicilian Orange (I obviously chose Lavender). They also offer an Unscented soap for those that steer away from fragrances.

I’ve been using this soap as a body wash in the shower and it’s probably taken me around 6/7 weeks to use it up, which is pretty good economy for a product that costs around £7.

It has a unique lavender scent that smells more earthy than artificial and whilst it might not be for everyone it’s a wonderful reminder than the oil used in this soap comes from 100% organically grown lavender. It’s also natural yellow/gold colour (most likely from the potassium cocoate) which looks quite striking against the bright labels, which is purple in this case.

My only slight disappointment is that it doesn’t seem to massively lather up, although, one or two pumps of soap goes a long way and it never feels like you’re having to use more than necessary to get an all over wash.

It’s also worth mentioning that Ecosoapia has awards coming out of their ears for this range of soaps, all of which are 100% Vegan as well as SLS, artificial colour, preservative and parabens free.

I probably won’t be using the Lavender Castile Hand & Body Wash again as my primary shower gel, however, I did really like the soap and I’ll definitely be trying another scent in the range to use as a hand wash.

Pick them up from LoveLula for £6.95


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